Essential Leadership Qualities, According to WEF Experts

According to the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Innovators Community, one key feature every leader needs to have to succeed in business is resilience.

A poll of the Innovators Community showed that resilience is one of the most vital qualities for managers and executives to possess. Leaders should be able to weather any storm, whether it's the pandemic, a recession, or the Great Resignation.

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Innovators Community member Björn von Siemens, Co-Founder and CFO of Caresyntax, says that resilience requires other characteristics such as flexibility and focus. Long-term goals should be valued, and continuing to build despite shifting global markets is necessary. To build resilience, von Siemens says that having a solid foundation of other entrepreneurs to rely on can be invaluable. Mentors are also of the utmost importance, as self-reflection can only happen when you have the insights of others to point you in the right direction.

There are of course other important leadership qualities that those in positions of power should embrace to engage with their employees, as well. Curiosity, agility, determination, and diversity are all core values for leaders — and they all feed into resilience. By staying curious and agile, leaders won't be caught off guard by changes. They can weather any storm without getting emotional or destabilized, and approach hindrances with objective inquisitiveness and the urge to pivot when the status quo isn't working.

Antoine Hubert, the President and CEO of Ynsect, says that you must believe you can succeed in order to truly prosper.

And problem-solving, says Jan Goetz, Founder and CEO of IQM Quantum Computers, is what will fuel your determination and resilience. By seeking out younger generations within the workforce and collecting multiple perspectives on challenging issues, leaders can resolve to find solutions to the world's most complicated issues and become part of something bigger.