The Fine Line Between Success And Failure Is A Positive Mindset

According to Fred Cary, a top attorney and one of the most accomplished business leaders in the innovations space, the key to success lies in a positive mindset. It is a mindset that has earned Cary enormous success in the legal field, as a multi-faceted businessman, judge on the Emmy award-winning reality show Everyday Edisons, and business thought leader.

His advice comes after 30 years of entrepreneurship driven by hard work, dedication, the drive to be altruistic, and a laser-focused mindset. His positive mindset has seen him successfully navigate a career that began as a musician before he became a technology leader, attorney, investment banker who raised billions for companies, and an entrepreneur who has seen three companies go public.

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What defines a positive mindset to Cary is the ability to fall forward - to turn failures into lessons that are leveraged for positive outcomes down the line. His tips for maintaining a positive mindset include taming your inner negative energy, vanquishing skepticism, and training your brain to see positive patterns even in negative scenarios.

His best advice? “Focus on the things that you can control and let go of the things that you can’t control.”

Cary’s current company, IdeaPros, allows him to use his collected values to make entrepreneurs’ dreams come true. He claims that a partnership with his company can reduce the time and investment to launch an idea by up to 75%. Through IdeaPros, hundreds of entrepreneurs have been able to channel their capital into a program that offers “entrepreneurship on training wheels with jet fuel,” allowing them to save on traditional education and fast-track their business ideas to success.