Using AI and Internet to Expand: One of Fiverr’s Fall 2023 Business Trends

In a dynamic market landscape, companies worldwide are turning to freelance professionals to spearhead growth initiatives. Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR) recently released its 8th Business Trends Index, shedding light on the most sought-after freelance digital services. Over the past six months, the data showcases a surge in demand from tech startups, construction firms, and retail corporations eager to explore new avenues for expansion.

One of the standout trends highlighted in the report is the increasing utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries. Companies are leveraging AI to innovate and customize their offerings, particularly in the retail sector. With an eye on the upcoming shopping season, retail giants are revamping their online presence to cater to the demands of modern consumers. Fiverr's COO, Hila Klein, affirms that businesses are seizing the potential of AI tools to drive profits. Retailers, digital enterprises, and shipping services are tapping into the expertise of freelance professionals to execute their unique business visions. The wider adoption of AI tools has injected fresh momentum into the market, and freelance talent is proving instrumental in helping businesses adapt and innovate.

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In the past six months, global search trends have revealed a notable surge in confidence in AI technology. The top searches reflect this growing interest, with "Content AI editing" leading the way with an astonishing increase of 10,490%. Following closely behind is "Quick engineering" with a remarkable growth of 7,345%, showcasing a significant interest in efficient engineering solutions. "AI video" also made its mark with a noteworthy rise of 3,746%. This surge in demand for AI-related services is creating a new wave of job opportunities for specialists in areas like AI app development and video editing. Freelancers are at the forefront, aiding CEOs in building next-generation enterprises powered by AI.

The retail sector is also experiencing a pre-season boost, with companies gearing up for the holidays by fine-tuning their online strategies. Fiverr searches reveal a focus on updating product descriptions, enhancing e-commerce platforms, and creating fresh product mockups. Key search trends in 2023 reveal a significant surge in interest in various aspects of e-commerce. Searches for "ecommerce developer" have witnessed a remarkable increase of 3,333%, highlighting the growing demand for professionals skilled in online retail development. Additionally, the search term "A+ Amazon content" has spiked by an astonishing 12,256%, reflecting the importance of high-quality product listings on the retail giant's platform. Furthermore, "clothing shop" has experienced a notable uptick of 525%, underlining the continued popularity of online apparel retail.

In our increasingly tech-driven society, service industries like shipping logistics, construction, and maintenance have come to realize the importance of enhancing their online presence. This shift has ignited a remarkable surge in demand for freelance website developers specializing in these sectors. Notably, there has been an astounding increase in requests for specific types of websites, with trucking websites experiencing a remarkable surge of 3,442% in demand. Similarly, handyman sites and property management websites have seen a substantial increase in demand, spiking by 1,398% and 1,397%, respectively.

This trend underscores the growing recognition within these industries of the value of a strong digital presence and the pivotal role that freelance website developers play in meeting these newfound requirements.

Fiverr's Business Trends Index also provides insights into the fastest-growing business searches across various countries, including the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

Fiverr's mission is to revolutionize global collaboration by democratizing talent and creating opportunities for businesses of all sizes. With over 4 million customers, Fiverr has empowered businesses to stay flexible, adaptable, and agile by tapping into a diverse pool of freelance talent spanning over 160 countries and 600 areas of expertise.

As the world of work continues to evolve, Fiverr stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of collaborative success.