Wellness Startup Has Personal Meaning To Investors

Move over, Goop – there’s a new wellness startup on the market. The Healing Company is a new venture set to acquire other health and wellness companies, and they have their sights on purchasing and scaling up 15 brands over the course of the next three years.

The company focuses on holistic medicine and nutraceuticals, which are substances thought to help facilitate physical and mental wellness – everything from nutritional aids such as probiotics or vitamins to ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin. The goal of The Healing Company is to provide natural, healthy treatments for physical and mental health issues and to add an element of spirituality to health and wellness.

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Dragons’ Den investor Steven Bartlett has put down $10 million in seed round funding, which will be supplemented by a $75 million credit facility from i80 Group.

The mission of The Healing Company doesn’t just appeal to investors. It also resonates with wellness experts. After Chief Executive Officer Simon Belsham met health guru Deepak Chopra on one of his mindfulness meditation retreats, he named him  Chief Scientific Advisor. Chopra also has a stake in the company.

Chopra’s role is to help The Healing Company research and source new businesses to acquire, and he’s intent on finding companies that have natural and legitimate products. His Chopra Foundation supports regulation and the elimination of scam products, which are not uncommon in the wellness field.

“The problem is, every celebrity you can name is creating their own nutraceuticals, and there is no credibility anymore for that. So there needs to be some kind of scientific validation,” Chopra told CNBC.